I'm a 18 year old girl from Finland. I spend most of my days in school and on youtube.
I'm a massive internet addict and I love taking selfies.

If I was to descibe myself and my personality I would say I'm a pretty weird but nice girl who has a lot of energy and jokes coming your way.

Beauty and fashion wise I'm into casual yet stylish and I love to wear t-shirts and sweaters that have some cool text on it that defines me. So if you look at the clothes I'm wearing and read what my tops say you will know a big part of me.

Makeupwise I'm still not quite sure what I like. Right now I have a pretty settle look but I do change it up with different lipcolors.

I have natural curly hair which annoys me at times but sometimes I enjoy it because it apparently gives me volume. I'm born blonde but I like my hair to be brown as I've always felt like a "brunette" if that makes sense.

Other than all of that I make youtube videos when I can be bothered and I update this blog every Wednesday and Saturday if nothing changes in my life.

I also have 1 brother who is 3 years older than me and he's cool. (Mattias, you're cool.)

And I spend my time with my friends and family and if not then I'm probably on youtube so you'll find me in my room, on my bed, with my laptop in my lap.

Where To Find Me

Twitter: @itsmaddiehbu
instagram: @itsmaddiehbu

For blog collaborations and other blog related things, please email me at itsmaddiehbu@outlook.com

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